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Missing or decayed teeth can affect how your smile, speak and even chew. However, you can avoid the frustrations of damaged or missing teeth by getting dental implants at our Columbia office. At the dental practice of Joel E Johnson, DMD, we provide dental implant services for patients in Columbia, Forest Acres, Blythewood, and nearby communities, including the Northeast Columbia neighborhoods of Wildwood and Spring Valley. Our dentist believes that every patient deserves a smile that feels great, functions properly, and looks beautiful. We can help you attain your dream smile with our superior Columbia dental implants.

Dr. Johnson received extensive training for dental implants and has performed many successful dental implant procedures over the years. We take time to understand your dental needs and address your situation with personalized and caring care specific to your smile. Contact our office today to discover how our dental implants can improve your smile.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are posts made of body-safe titanium. Implants work like tooth roots and offer a durable solution for tooth loss. Dental implants are made of three parts: the post, abutment, and restoration, most often a crown. The crown is mounted on an implant and provides a beautiful look and color that blends with your natural teeth. Implants are the only type of tooth replacement that replaces both the root and crown and becomes a permanent part of the jaw.

Dental implants are ideal restorations because they offer the same function as your natural teeth. They are perfect for replacing a single tooth or several missing or damaged teeth. Our dentist provides dental implant services to restore your smile's uniqueness, functionality, and beauty.

Who Qualifies for Dental Implants?

You must be above eighteen years old and in good oral and general health in order to qualify for dental implants in Columbia. For successful treatment, a dense, strong jawbone and healthy gums are essential for a successful treatment. For those whose jawbone lacks density and strength, bone grafts can be done before implants are inserted. Our dentists will work with you to perform preliminary treatments you need for successful dental implant placement.

Comprehensive Columbia, SC Dental Implant Services

Our practice offers a wide range of dental implant restorations. Our implant-supported restorations use quality material to help them look and feel natural. We design our dental implants to endure years or decades of use and blend perfectly with your smile. We offer implant-supported restorations such as:

Implant Crowns: Dental implant crowns help replace a missing tooth by attaching to an implant. Our dentists will carefully craft your implant crown at a trusted laboratory to ensure it perfectly fits your smile.

Bridges: With dental bridges, patients can restore gaps in their smiles and replace several missing teeth. If you are missing several teeth within a row, our dental implants will serve as anchors to support a bridge for replacing your teeth. The dental implants hold the bridge in position, and the bridge fills the gap to prevent the shifting of remaining teeth.

Partial and Complete Dentures: If you miss multiple teeth or a full arch of teeth, partial or full dentures are ideal restorations for you. Partial dentures are ideal for those who have some natural teeth remaining in the jaw. Full dentures will replace the whole arch of teeth for those who have no teeth left in the lower or upper jaw. We provide both fixed and removable implant-supported dentures. Dr. Johnson is happy to discuss the differences and answer your questions to help you select the option that works best for you.

Tooth Extraction: Our dental team will strive to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. However, in some cases, our dentists will have to extract damaged or decayed teeth to improve your overall health. Our dentists can offer gentle tooth extraction services whenever needed and can discuss different restorative options to replace the extracted tooth. Our Columbia dental implants are ideal because they will fully restore your teeth from the roots to the crown.

Bone Grafting Services: Sometimes, the ideal areas for your dental implants may not have enough bone quality to support your implants. In such a case, we graft supplement bone into the deficient areas to strengthen the jaw. Dr. Johnson will offer reliable bone grafting services before dental implant surgery.

CBCT Scans and Emerald Laser-Guided Implant Surgery

Our practice prides itself on using advanced software and technology. Our CBCT scans allow our dentist to evaluate your oral cavity in three dimensions for bone quality, quantity, and location. As a result, he will identify the best placement for your dental implants. Furthermore, we can improve the precision and efficiency of your dental implant placement with our Emerald laser-guided surgery.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants can offer patients many advantages. Implants replace the entire part of the tooth and provide significant improvements to your quality of life and dental health. Here are the benefits you can expect from dental implants:

  • Preserve your natural facial features
  • Keep any surrounding natural teeth in place
  • Restore important jawbone stimulation
  • Prevent bone weakening or recession
  • Improves biting and chewing
  • Promote easy digestion
  • Renew self-confidence and appearance

What To Expect During Dental Implant Treatment

dental implants in Northeast ColumbiaYour dental implant experience will be unique depending on whether you want a single implant or full-mouth restoration. However, you should expect multiple dental appointments with our dentists. During your dental visits, you can expect preparation of the implant site, implant restoration, and placement of crown. The time frame for these procedures will vary from one patient to another based on their unique needs and healing rate. A CBCT scan and emerald laser guide all our dental implant surgeries to ensure proper and precise placement of the dental implants.

Do Implants Require Special Care?

It may surprise you that dental implants do not need any special care. Since the implants look and function just like your natural teeth, you can take care of them with regular brushing and flossing. You can help implants last for years or decades by visiting the dentist for regular examinations and cleanings and keeping a healthy diet. We also recommend that you avoid habits that could damage your restoration, such as using your teeth as tools or crunching on hard items like ice cubes or hard candy.

Meticulous Dental Implant Services Columbia

At the dental practice of Joel E Johnson, DMD, we're proud to provide reliable dental implants to Columbia patients and residents of the surrounding communities. Whether you're missing a single tooth or several, you can rely on our experienced dentist to help you achieve functional, beautiful, and healthy teeth. Our caring team is at your service and excited to help you rejuvenate your smile. Contact our office today to determine whether dental implants are ideal for you.



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