By Joel E. Johnson, DMD, PA
May 02, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn more about what goes into getting a dental filling in Columbia.fillings

Has our Columbia, SC, dentist, Dr. Joel Johnson, recently told you that you have a cavity? Is this your first cavity? If so, then you may be feeling a bit nervous about your upcoming dental procedure. We are here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Cavities are easy enough to treat and once the cavity has been removed it’s time to place your dental filling.

What is a dental filling?

Everyone has bacteria in their mouths, and if you don’t care for your smile properly this bacteria can affect the health and integrity of tooth enamel, causing cavities to form. This decay must be removed to prevent it from spreading and destroying the integrity of the tooth. Luckily, removing the decay can be done simply and painlessly in just one visit.

Of course, once the decay has been removed you will notice that there are holes where the decay used to be. These holes can affect the strength and function of your teeth over time, so they need to be filled right away. This is where a dental filling comes in. The filling will rebuild these holes and make them non-existent. Plus the filling will also serve to restrengthen the tooth. A filling is crucial. Luckily, placing a dental filling is easy.

What is a dental filling made of?

Maybe you used to have a family member that had metal fillings. Don’t worry; these aren’t used nearly as often. After all, even though metal is pretty durable and tough, having a mouth full of metal can be embarrassing and unpleasant. This is why our Columbia cosmetic dentist is proud to offer tooth-colored fillings, which no one will be able to see. The filling is made from composite resin, which can be matched to the color of your tooth before it’s applied. The filling material is also putty-like and easy to contour and shape over the holes to restore the tooth quickly and painlessly.

Do you have questions about dental filings? Are you concerned that you might be dealing with a cavity? If so, call our Columbia, SC, office today and find out more about the dental services we offer.


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