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How to Care for Your Dental Crowns

How crowns from your dentist in Columbia SC can restore your smile

Dental crowns are a superb restorative treatment for even the most badly damaged teeth. A dental crown protects your tooth like a little suit-of-armor. They may look and feel indestructible, but the truth is, you still have to take good care of them so they stay strong and beautiful. Dr. Joel Johnson in Columbia SC offers comprehensive dental care services including dental crowns to restore your smile.

Ways To Care For Your Crowns

So, how do you take care of your dental crowns? There are a few easy things to remember:

  • Your teeth are not tools, so don’t use them to open packages, tear off price tags, or do other things that tools do. Your teeth are for chewing and for smiling. Your dental crowns will stay strong and beautiful if they don’t have to open things.
  • Keep the margin where the crown meets your tooth very clean. Plaque and bacteria can cause decay along the crown margin, causing you to lose your crown, and potentially your tooth. To keep your crown margins clean, remember to:
    • Brush after meals and before bed, paying close attention to cleaning around the crown margins. Always use a toothpaste containing fluoride to provide extra protection against decay.
    • Floss at least once a day, making sure you wrap the floss around the widest part of your tooth as you go down in between your teeth. When you wrap around the tooth, it helps to keep the floss snugly against the surface of your tooth, so it cleans the tooth and crown better.
    • If your crown feels loose, it’s important to visit your dentist quickly. Your dentist can determine if the crown can be re-cemented, or if it needs to be replaced.

Dental crowns provide excellent protection for your teeth and natural-looking beauty for your smile. They can last for decades with proper care. To find out more about caring for dental crowns and other dental topics and services, call Dr. Joel Johnson in Columbia SC at (803) 788-2555. Call today!

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