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Creating a New Smile With Veneers

Do you wish your smile was more attractive? Whether the issue is a crack, gap, unusual shape, or discoloration, veneers offered by your dentist in Columbia SC Dr. Joel Johnson will transform your smile.

What are veneers?

Veneers were designed to address the most noticeable flaws in teeth. The thin plastic or porcelain shells fit over the fronts of your teeth and conceals several types of imperfections. Veneers are attached with dental cement and become a permanent part of your smile.

If you've been putting off improving your smile because you don't want to face an extensive dental procedure, veneers are the ideal option for you. Veneer preparation only requires the removal of a tiny amount of tooth enamel. Removing the enamel ensures that your restorations fit comfortably and look completely natural. The preparation is done right here in your dentist Columbia office.

Veneers offer a simple solution if you have minor tooth damage

Chips and shallow cracks may not alter the way your teeth function, but they can certainly affect your appearance. Hiding minor damage behind veneers makes flaws disappear.

Do you have a strange-looking tooth? A veneer can help

Teeth aren't always uniform. One may be crooked or oddly shaped, while bumps may mar the surface of the tooth next to it. Veneers conceal surface issues and completely change the shape of problem teeth.

Closing a gap can be as simple as adding veneers to your teeth

Even slight gaps between teeth can make you feel self-conscious when you smile. Luckily, those gaps are easily concealed behind veneers. Although you may need orthodontic treatment if you have large gaps, veneers are an excellent option if you have slight gaps.

Veneers lengthen short teeth

Wear and tear can shorten teeth, making them noticeably shorter than surrounding teeth. Adding veneers will make all of your teeth look the same length. If wear or tear happened because your grind or clench your teeth while you sleep, your dentist may recommend a nightguard during your visit to the dentist Columbia office. The guard will prevent damage to your veneers or teeth.

When discoloration is an issue, veneers offer a simple solution

Has one or more of your teeth become discolored? Your veneers will match the shade of surrounding teeth perfectly. Veneers are also a good option if you want to whiten your smile. The restorations are available in many shades of white, allowing you to choose the perfect shade for your teeth.

Reimagine your smile with veneers! Call your dentist in Columbia SC, Dr. Joel Johnson, at (803) 788-2555 to schedule your appointment.

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