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Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth loss is devastating. Your appearance, confidence, bone structure, and oral function change precipitously. In Columbia SC, Dr. Joel Johnson is an implant dentist, restoring gapped smiles beautifully. Learn about the benefits of dental implants, truly wonderful replacement teeth.

Your Dental Implant

It's an artificial root made of biocompatible titanium. In his office, your Columbia SC dentist evaluates your suitability for this amazing tooth replacement. If you and your jaw are healthy, he puts the screw-like device right into the bone, closes the site with a few sutures, and you go home to heal.

After several weeks of healing--or osseointegration as dentists call it--you're ready to receive your extension post and lifelike porcelain crown. If you've received multiple implants, a partial or full denture will finish your procedure and your smile.

Dear Doctor reports that dental implant procedures are highly successful, up to 95 percent of them. If you care for implants with good at-home and in-office oral hygiene practices, your implant will last the rest of your life.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Yes, dental implants are most costly at the outset than traditional tooth replacements. However, their benefits far outweigh the expense, according to your dentist Columbia SC. These benefits are:

  1. Efficient biting and chewing
  2. Improvement and maintenance of jaw bone and gum tissue
  3. Outstanding smile aesthetics
  4. Easy cleaning--just brush twice a day, floss daily, and see your dentist twice a year for an exam and professional cleaning
  5. Preservation of the health and alignment of teeth adjacent to the smile gap (no reduction of neighboring teeth is needed)
  6. Clear speech
  7. Great self-confidence because dental implants cannot slip and don't make odd clicking sounds typical of conventional dentures

Additionally, dental implants rarely need replacement. Conventional tooth replacements have a lifespan of no more than a decade. Over the long haul, implants save you time and money.

Today's dental implants

They're true medical miracles. Why not contact Dr. Joel Johnson and his team to arrange your implant consultation? He'll give you all the details on how dental implants can breathe life into your smile. Phone your dentist at his Columbia SC office at (803) 788-2555.

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