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How Sealants Can Help Your Child's Smile

Would you like to lower your child's risk of developing cavities? Sealants offered by your Columbia, SC, dentist, Dr. Joel Johnson, offers a simple way to protect your son or daughter's smile.

Sealants prevent plaque from attacking your child's teeth

The chewing surfaces of your child's pre-molars and molars aren't perfectly smooth, for they contain a number of tiny pits and grooves. These tiny openings tend to collect plaque, a sticky substance that can cause tooth decay.

The pits and grooves are also so small that they can't be reached by toothbrush bristles. Unfortunately, once plaque collects in these areas, your child is more likely to develop cavities that destroy the healthy tooth structure.

Once your child has had a cavity in a tooth, it becomes a little weaker and may even need other restorative procedures at some point in the future. These problems are more likely to occur if your son or daughter has a large cavity.

Your child's permanent pre-molars and molars are particularly susceptible to tooth decay when they first erupt. Sealants fill in the pits and grooves in the pre-molars and molars, which stops plaque from collecting in them. The plastic-based resin material is clear and becomes invisible when applied to your child's teeth.

The sealant process is quick and easy

Adding sealants to the back teeth is painless and only takes a few minutes to complete. Before your child receives sealants, their teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque and tartar. After applying an etching solution to improve the adhesion of the sealants, your dentist will brush on the liquid resin before hardening it with a curing light.

Sealants typically last about 10 years. Every time your child visits our Columbia dental office, their sealants will be examined for any problems. If any signs of wear are detected, new sealants can be applied.

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