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The Importance of Dental Veneers

Discover the many ways tooth-shaped restorations can revamp your smile.veneers

Whether your teeth have begun to look a bit drab and lackluster lately or injuries have caused cosmetic imperfections to your teeth, chances are pretty good that you are trying to find the right treatment that will get your smile back on track. Let our Columbia, SC, dentist, Dr. Joel Johnson, show you the many ways veneers could reward you with a brilliant smile.

What are dental veneers?

It’s amazing how much we can alter your smile for the better with just these thin, porcelain shells. These versatile cosmetic restorations boast longevity, durability and stain-resistance. When bonded to the front of your teeth, they can cover a host of imperfections and flaws and reveal a beautiful brand new smile the way you want it to look.

What should I know about dental veneers?

There are so many reasons our Columbia cosmetic dentist offers dental veneers. Here are just some of the amazing benefits you could enjoy if you get this restoration:

Improve your bite: Whether you have an overbite, underbite or crowding, dental veneers can improve your bite. By applying these shells to the front of your teeth we can actually protect teeth that are receiving more wear and tear due to a misaligned or poor bite, which could protect these teeth from cracking or chipping in the future.

Get a whiter, straighter smile: If even professional teeth whitening couldn’t tackle the stains on your teeth then it might be time you turned your attention to dental veneers. You can say goodbye to stains by having veneers cover your discolored teeth and reveal a brilliantly white smile instead. Plus, if you aren’t keen on the idea of wearing braces just to fix a little minor crowding or gaps between teeth, veneers could also give you a straighter smile without having to wear braces at all.

They are stain-resistant: If you can’t get enough coffee, red wine, tomato sauces and other stain-causing foods and drinks then you’ll find yourself dealing at a pretty dull, yellow smile; however, if you choose to get dental veneers, these high-quality porcelain shells not only mimic the look of natural teeth but they are also stain-resistant. So go ahead; enjoy that morning cup of coffee without guilt.

Are you ready to find out if you are the perfect candidate for dental veneers? If so, call our Columbia, SC, dental office today to learn more. A beautiful smile is important. Get the smile you want!

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