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Signs That You May Need Root Canal Therapy

Did you know there's more to a tooth than hard enamel? Yes, inside each tooth lies nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, and all are prone to infection and inflammation. Dr. Joel Johnson, your dentist in Columbia, treats many patients who experience the pain and sensitivity damaged pulp causes. He offers root canal therapy to save and strengthen those teeth. What are the signs you may need a root canal?

You and your sick tooth

Come to your dentist's office in Columbia if you detect symptoms such as:

  • Throbbing pain
  • Sensitivity to sugar and temperature
  • Obvious decay
  • Drainage which smells and tastes bad
  • Bad breath which does not go away
  • Discolored, cracked or chipped tooth enamel
  • Darkened gum tissue surrounding a tooth
  • Pimples or sores on the gums
  • A missing filling or tooth fracture

Upon examination and X-rays, Dr. Johnson may recommend a root canal treatment. Also known as endodontic therapy, this restorative dental service removes inflamed and infected dental pulp from the central chamber and each root canal. (There can be up to four in a large tooth.)

Dr. Johnson cleans and seals the tooth with putty called gutta-percha and then places a temporary cap over it. After the tooth heals, you return to the office for installation of a permanent porcelain crown created by ED4 digital design technology.

Benefits of root canal therapy

The American Association of Endodontists says the biggest advantage of root canal therapy is that you get to keep your tooth. Extraction should always be a last resort. However, there are other benefits, too, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Healing of harmful infection
  • Restoration with a lifelike and durable porcelain crown

Contact us

If you experience some of the symptoms we've outlined, please contact the office team at Dr. Joel Johnson's office in Columbia, SC. Expert gentle and precise care of your ailing tooth and a wonderful result. Call (803) 788-2555 for an appointment.

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