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  • What To Know About Same-Day Crowns
    Did you know that you can now get a permanent dental crown on the very same day?  You have a broken tooth that could benefit from a dental crown but perhaps Read more
  • Consider Dental Implants
    When your smile is incomplete, it can affect not only your oral health but your confidence. Missing teeth can make you hesitant to show your smile, make it difficult to Read more
  • How to Care for Your Dental Crowns
    How crowns from your dentist in Columbia SC can restore your smile Dental crowns are a superb restorative treatment for even the most badly damaged teeth. A dental crown protects your Read more
  • At-Home Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White
    Here are some easy but effective ways to keep your smile vibrant.  Whether you’ve just turned to our Columbia SC cosmetic dentist Dr. Joel Johnson for professional whitening or you’ve worked Read more
  • Creating a New Smile With Veneers
    Do you wish your smile was more attractive? Whether the issue is a crack, gap, unusual shape, or discoloration, veneers offered by your dentist in Columbia SC Dr. Joel Johnson Read more
  • Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants
    Tooth loss is devastating. Your appearance, confidence, bone structure, and oral function change precipitously. In Columbia SC, Dr. Joel Johnson is an implant dentist, restoring gapped smiles beautifully. Learn about Read more
  • Different Teeth Whitening Techniques
    Are you becoming more and more self-conscious about the shade of your teeth? Do you cover your mouth when laughing to avoid showing off your not-so-pearly whites? When enamel becomes Read more
  • How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile
    When small areas of decay develop in the outer layers of a tooth, the tooth can usually be restored by removing the decay and sealing the tooth with a dental Read more
  • Maintaining a White Smile
    Your everyday habits and lifestyle can help you achieve a brighter smile, longer.  Who doesn’t want a brilliantly white smile? Of course, there are certain habits you may (or may not) Read more
  • Preventing Periodontal Disease
    Know how to protect your gums from this serious inflammatory disease.  Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Unfortunately, gum disease usually won’t cause symptoms in the Read more
  • How Teeth Whitening Can Help Your Smile
    Unhappy with the state of your smile? Here at the Columbia, SC, office of Dr. Joel Johnson, we provide patients with teeth whitening treatments that remove any stubborn stains that Read more
  • How Sealants Can Help Your Child's Smile
    Would you like to lower your child's risk of developing cavities? Sealants offered by your Columbia, SC, dentist, Dr. Joel Johnson, offers a simple way to protect your son or Read more
  • Veneers May Not Be the Best Option for Your Teenager's Teeth
    Just like adults, teenagers experience chipped, stained or disfigured teeth. And during a life stage where issues with appearance can be acutely painful, these defects call out for a solution.And, Read more
  • FAQs about Veneers
    Are you unhappy with your smile but don't want to undergo extensive dental work just to fix a relatively minor tooth flaws? Dental veneers offer a simpler solution. Whether you've Read more
  • Is There a Better Way to Manage Pain Without Narcotics?
    The ongoing opioid addiction epidemic has brought together government, law enforcement and healthcare to find solutions. The focus among doctors and dentists has been on finding ways to reduce the Read more
  • Signs That You May Need a Filling
    Do you need a dental filling? If you have active tooth decay, you likely do. Your dentist in Columbia, SC, Dr. Joel Johnson, detects cavities and as needed, places white Read more

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